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Do Snacks Need to be Plated?

We are often asked whether snacks "need to be" plated. ⁠

We believe that snacks should be where the need to be: at school, at work, at your desk, at the table, on the field, at the beach, outside...⁠

Here is a plated snack, but we have previously shown snacks in zip lock bags, and other ways. We consider snacks to be a few different food groups paired together. We recommend full servings of these items (the snack size bag of chips or the serving size of cookies, crackers etc - so not just 3 crackers - or not just 5 chips) then pairing the item along with a few other things. ⁠

📸 Hummus and pretzels (hummus sold in portable containers from @Costco)⁠


⁠⁠⭐️ Check out our website for downloadable handouts for purchase.

*Translated in Spanish too. ⁠

-2 item snack list ⁠

-3 items snack list ⁠

-4 item snack list ⁠

⭐️ Look back at our IG feed. Like/save what you see for future reference! There are lots of visual photos showing snack examples. ⁠

**Note: Volume at snacks will vary based on individual energy needs. ⁠

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