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Lets Ban the Word Fattening

The word “fattening” is often thrown around negatively - “This is SO fattening, gross!”

We hate this word.

For one, the concept that a single food can make a person fat gives that food way more power than it has. It also stigmatizes fatness, fat bodies, and fat in general. All healthy bodies need fat. Saying these things, expressing dread, horror and fear, is insulting to your body and all the bodies around you.

Diets need fat. Foods with fat make food taste good, and helps to keep us full and satisfied. We need fats for hormone production (estrogen/testosterone), absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K. And foods with fat are very yummy.

These foods include butter, ghee, oils, avocado, nuts, meat with skin on or visible fat, nut butters, trail mix, cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. Those with eating disorders may be scared to include these foods, and may have cut them out in the throws of their eating disorder. Adding these foods back in through exposure, will help clients reach medical and nutritional goals. And to be free.

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