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"Should I Eat Less During Shelter-in-Place?"⁣

We get asked this question all the time by our #telehealth clients as well as friends and family. The truth is, your body is burning energy whether your stuck at home or out and about. While the #coronaviruspandemic may have drastically changed your daily routine, you can and should continue to eat regularly. ⁣

#platebyplateapproach encourages 3 meals including #all5foodgroups and 2 to 3 (or more!) snacks per day depending on individual nutrition needs. This approach is meant for every day, whether you're inside or outside, #wfh (working from home), at the office, #virtualschool or on campus. ⁣

While you are staying home most of the day, we also know many of you are taking breaks to #getoutside for #walks, #hikes, and #sunshine. And while you may think you are #sitting more now, the reality is that most of us were sitting at a computer or at school a large part of the day anyway before. So, our nutrition needs are not changing as much as you may think throughout this pandemic. ⁣

#shelterinplace is not an order to eat less but to take care of yourself!⁣

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