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You Deserve to Eat

You deserve to have breakfast. ⁠

You deserve to have lunch. ⁠

You deserve to have snacks. ⁠

You deserve to have dinner. ⁠

You deserve to have dessert. ⁠

Today and always.⁠

Even if your pants feel tight.⁠

Even if you sat on a couch all day. ⁠

Even if today is your rest day. ⁠

Even if you didn’t score any goals today.⁠

Even if you got a bad grade on a test.⁠

Even if you broke up with a significant other.⁠

Even if your mood is low.⁠

Even if you don’t feel like eating. ⁠

Even if you don’t like what the scale says (Side note: ditch the scale).⁠

Even if someone said something to harm you in some way.⁠

⁠You deserve to eat. Every. Single. Day. ❤️⁠

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