This is for facilities, organizations, PHP's, hospitals, etc looking to reprint/use our handouts in their materials. 

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The zip file will include all of the following handouts:


2 item Snacks

3 Item Snacks

4 Item Snacks

33 % Visual Plate 

50% Visual Plate 

How to Follow the 33% Plate

How to Follow the 50% Plate

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas 

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

Vegetarian Dinner Ideas


2 item Snacks - SPANISH

3 Item Snacks - SPANISH

4 Item Snacks - SPANISH

33 % Visual Plate - SPANISH

50% Visual Plate - SPANISH

How to Follow the 33% Plate - SPANISH

How to Follow the 50% Plate - SPANISH

Breakfast Ideas - SPANISH

Lunch Ideas - SPANISH

Dinner Ideas  - SPANISH


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Organizational License -ALL Handouts