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Why are my plates of food bigger than everyone else's?

Those going through #eatingdisorderrecovery might be looking around, wondering why their plates of food are bigger than others'. Well, there are a few reasons for this. ⁠

For one, restoring health which includes stabilizing vital signs, hormones, bones, metabolism and more, during eating disorder recovery requires a significant boost in nutrition. For some, especially those requiring weight restoration, nutritional requirements can be 2-3 x one's baseline! This means that the volume of food on your plates will be larger than your peers! ⁠

For those not needing weight restoration, recovery goals may include learning to eat normally again, including real foods (not diet foods), working to stimulate your metabolism, eating enough to prevent binging, and more. In order to do this, establishing regular eating habits is essential and this usually means means plating full, satisfying meals and snacks, with consistency. ⁠

Those around you, not in ED treatment, might be eating more intuitively. Intuitive eaters may have smaller meals in one sitting and larger meals at the next OR they may eat smaller meals because they graze throughout the day. They may be more inclined to grab a cupcake to celebrate someone's birthday, grab a handful of food here and there - which may offset their hunger levels (and meal volume.) ⁠

So....try not to compare. ⁠

Work with your team (therapist, dietitian, parent, loved one etc) and determine what your plates should look like for you....and then nail it!! ⁠

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